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  • 22 August 2020: Product list (Frabby)
With digital product releases now very common, and Print-on-demand publications further blurring the line between physical and digital products to the point of rendering the distinction meaningless, it is time to discuss and perhaps change how we're listing them in our Master List of BattleTech products. Please join the discussion here.
  • 9 June 2020: 30,000 articles (Frabby)
A slew of upcoming products were announced today and promptly had articles made for them... and one of those, Touring the Stars: Valencia, happened to be our 30,000th article!
  • 29 Aug 2019: Sarna is now HTTPS by default (Nicjansma)
Sarna has offered HTTPS/TLS for a few years, but until today it was optional. All insecure traffic is now redirected to HTTPS by default. If you encounter any issues, please let me know. Nicjansma (talk) 22:33, 29 August 2019 (EDT)