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Welcome to the Infantry Weapons WikiProject. We are a group dedicated to improving BattleTechWiki's coverage of Infantry Weapons. Feel free to join in by adding your name to the group, grabbing an article to complete or weighing in on the discussion.


  • Catalog every Infantry or BattleArmor weapon used in BattleTech, BattleTroops or each of the 4 Role Playing Games And BattleTroops
Classic BattleTech [underway]
MechWarrior First Edition
Battle Troops
Mechwarrior Second Edition
Mechwarrior Third Edition or Classic BattleTech RPG
A Time of War
  • Ensure all variants for all infantry weapons are present


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  • Cameron developed the current format used for the RPG Weapons from the format used for BattleTech Weapons. The current concept for infantry weapons has that there are five sections:
    • Description : a basic description of the Infantry Portable or BattleMech mounted Weapon
    • Variants : Generic Weapons that lead a category can have variants, Recomend that weapons that have been given their own stats are linked to from this section.
    • References : links to the books or other source material used in any way to contribute to the article
    • Infobox : created with pre-established fields that need to be filled in with the relevant info
  • One thing to consider is that the articles tend towards to an in-character (IC) role, though there are some obvious out-of-character (OOC) bits included (ex: BV). If there is a place for a stat in the infobox, do not use it in the description if you can avoid it.
  • Link everything, at least once. If the term is Star League, link to it. If House Marik is referenced in the text, link to it. Link to other unit types, like DropShips. If the same term is used a lot, especially in the same paragraph, feel free to link only once. But link, even if the linked article does not yet exist: it will someday!
  • In the variants section, list the whole designation again. For example, if the Auto-Pistol is the primary article, in the variant section, start off each entry with the differenced name Auto-Pistol (Sternsnacht).


  • The Article for the BattleTech Stats should use the {{InfoBoxWeapon}} side bar as described in Help:CreateWeaponArticle. With {{InfoBoxWeapon}}
  • The Transclusion Template [[Template:Name of Infantry Weapon]] should have the descriptive section that will be on each article with <onlyinclude> at the top of the article and </onlyinclude> at the bottomn.
  • the Main BattleTech Stats article with transcluded {{Name of Infantry Weapon}} encyclopedic text.
  • A sub page for each of the RPGs relevant to the weapons


Open tasks[edit]

  • Discuss what categories, outside those limited to Infantry Weapons, should be attached to each infantry weapon article article. (See talk page.)
  • Edit for mis-spellings, grammatical and formatting mistakes for current articles.
  • Place the Project Infantry Weapon messagebox (see Tags below) on each Infantry Weapon discussion page.


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. Cameron, adding initial entries and cleanup of new entries
  2. Doneve, copyeditor.
  3. Neuling adding initial entries and make cross addition to infantry units TRO + Field Manual when possible.
  4. BobTheZombie: Grammatical editing, adding finishing touches
  5. LittleWolf: addition initial entries, minor editing
  6. DragonoftheRust: Minor editing, cleaning up existing entries.


Collaboration and review[edit]

Note: Editors, please remove the article from the list once you have weighed in. Please add new articles to the list from the bottom.

New Articles Needed[edit]

Please add articles that need to be written. The List of the Core Articles to be written for this project are found on the Infantry_Weapons_and_Equipment_Lists or Battle Armor Weapons and Equipment Lists. When Creating Infantry, Power Armor, or Battle Armor weapon articles using BattleTech Stats, please follow the red link on the Infantry Weapons article. For Consistency purposes, Role Playing Game Stats should go on dedicated subpages.

New Articles Review[edit]

See Template:WikiProject Infantry Weapons for instructions on how to both flag new articles for review, and flag that you have reviewed them.

If you wish to review new articles, a listing may be found in the New articles needing to be reviewed tracking category.

Peer Review[edit]

See Template:WikiProject Infantry Weapons for instructions on how to both flag articles for peer review, and flag that you have reviewed them.

If you wish to peer review articles, a listing may be found in the Articles needing to be peer reviewed tracking category.

Team Assessment[edit]

Add an article that you would like to see graded by a Project:Infantry Weapons team member [grading system yet to be introduced].

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In order to make the BattleTechWiki as accessible as possible, proper categorization is paramount. Since this is Project Infantry Weapon, one of our tasks will be focusing on categorizing infantry weapons.

  • Right Now — categorization that is meant be already underway:
    • Currently, the only 'required' categories are:

On the Back Burner[edit]

Categorization that is slated to begin when the previous task is, at a minimum, near-complete:


'Official' categories you can add 'Infantry Weapons' to may be found at the Project Infantry Weapons Portal.


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